Status Check

The small plane hardly seems proportionate to the digital map on the screen. But the line drawn from origin to destination clearly shows the progress of the aircraft’s journey.

The flight status screen viewable during a passenger’s air travel provides all the essential information of the condition of the plane during flight: speed, altitude, miles traveled, time remaining until destination. Checking the status helps to recognize how successful the trip has gone so far and provides an accurate road map for what of the journey still lies ahead.

I just returned from a 10 day mission trip where I traveled in an airplane eleven separate times. Checking on the status of where I had been and where I was going was critical to help me stay on track and moving forward in my journey!


(Click here for information about the flight we took, the longest in the world.

How often do we check the status of our journey through life? Do we ever sit down and really acknowledge where we have come from? How we have navigated tough waters or maintained through a storm? Do we really know where we’re going? Have we outlined and prepared for rough air that may lie ahead?

Leaning in to the reality of the journey of our lives may be one of the more important things we could be doing on a regular basis. Taking stock. Doing inventory. Self-evaluation. At the very least, what are the areas we know we can be praying about improving?

Be better. Do better. Be better today than you were yesterday, and may each year be a new bar of growth and a standard marking your continued progress toward a more fully Christ-like heart.

Father, may You help us see clearly the path you have called each of us to walk. Bring clarity to our eyes about our weaknesses and areas You desire to strengthen. Give us the courage to let go of some of the many distractions of this world so we can focus in on the target areas You are shaping in our lives. Graciously show us more of Yourself and Your power so we can believe. Continue to carry us on Your wings and guide our hearts safely home into your eternal rest. Selah.

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