Uncensored Jesus

Uncensored Jesus

The flower petals tumbled off my body to the ground. Every piece of beauty and color and been chosen. Selected to be spent for the Master.

Other petals and blooms had been intentionally sewn together, reshaped in a string of beauty to adorn the ones bringing Him.

Surely Jesus was there. His presence in the mountain tops. His morning cloud had passed with the light of His burning sun. The brilliant green slopes screamed out the Creator’s name.

These people, in this far, far away land, high above the hilltops, rejoiced. They exclaimed out of their lungs the praise and reception of the Almighty. Their most sacred natural ceremonial wear adorned their village bodies as they danced in a circle. Nothing but praise and jubilation was seen in their eyes and all over their faces.

We were withheld. The journey of days including 5 flights, overnights in the village, and trek by foot up the final treacherous paths, suddenly came to a hault. We must wait.

Wait on the goodness of the Lord. Wait on the preparation of His banquet.

We remained outside the gate. The natural wall of tall palm branches forming a gated entrance to the village separated us from them. We were not yet permitted to see or enter. Something special was being prepared for us. Our arrival was anticipated. Longed for. And the reception of our cause was going to be celebrated. And celebrated right.

We represented the hard labors of those who have spent the currency of time translating one language to another; word to word, fulfilling concept and meaning of the written word. Proofing, editing, confirming the message. The message of the Word of God. This message had yet to reach these people. They had not heard or read words from our God in their own heart language. What did the Almighty Creator God have to say to them? These faithful loving people existing simply and content on the side of the mountain.

Today everything would change. The Words into eager hands, hearts and lives…but native and modern. For our hearts changed too. We saw the face of God. His image enlightening these people for whom He died. These people who desired Him; celebrated His arrival and longed for His Words.

That day changed everything. The living Word of God will do that. The spoken word changed the heavens drawing creation out of nothing. The living Words of God can change you too. Believe this. Believe this and act on this truth. Use the Word of God you have so readily in hand. Give and pray the Word of God to these people who don’t have the convenience of taking the BIble for granted.

My rebirth spiritually through this village began the moment I entered the gates. I pressed through the tight palm leaves with hope and anticipation and wonder. A wonderment of the God who lived and reigned and resided in this people group so different from me, so far away. The cacophony of noise and village instruments swept up my spirit into raw jubilation. The dizzying effect of mountainside grandeur elated my heart into a high beyond words. My face moistened. My eyes flowed in streams. I met eyes with the strangest of strangers but the closest of loved friends. I had entered in. I was accepted, invited; I was a part; I was one among them. And we were Christ’s one body of beauty.

We journeyed together, the final steps up the plain path. Tall trees and high palms waving and heralding the entrance of the truth. The life-givers. All of the mountainside sang and rejoiced. We danced together up to His sanctuary. His Holy space. The set apart place for sacred worship of the living God. We entered in as one voice. We cleansed the path for our feet with our tears. The pillars of His sanctuary adorned with His natural leaves, floral vines and beauty created and sustained only by Him. His earthly creation, picked and sacrificed for the worthiness of HIs presence; of His worship. The choirs of voices surrounded us. We were usher in. We were taken to the altar. Straight in. Recevied, accepted, brought near. Near to the throne. Near to the One. His name is Jesus. The petals joined together to spell and shout His name from the altar of God’s village tabernacle.

It was unearthly. It was pure bliss. A never-ending emotion captured me and has not released me since. I have known no greater joy. Than to know Him. Than to be in the holy revered and worshipful presence of my Maker. I was unworthy but elevated straight to His throne. My spirit was soaring. I had long forgotten physical woes, worries or pain. I had no care for my earthly body of physical things. For the presence of God was before us. And His presence demands our all. Our every moment, every thought, full attention and fabric of our being. There was nothing I could do, but wish that I had endless time and the infinity of eternity to remain. To remain with Him in that state. How I longed to stay there. To shed this mortal flesh and be with Him fully, undiluted, uncensored. Jesus.

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