Half the Harlot

Ever get tired of hearing all talk and no action? A friend of yours keeps talking about getting together; keeps saying they want to meet you and catch up. They just keep talking about it. You don’t believe it because it’s not happening.

You don’t believe what people say, you believe what people do.

It’s like crickets. And no one’s moving. Watch Jim Carrey’s reaction to all this talk about ‘fickle times’ in Fun with Dick and Jane.

Do you think God might feel that way? He looks down on a bunch of people who all say they know Him and profess to have faith and believe in Him. But no one is doing anything.

James throws some sarcastic humor at us by basically saying, “Oh great! That’s great. You believe in our One True God. Well that’s just flipping awesome.

What? Do you want a medal? As if that’s some great accomplishment? You just arrived at the level of all spirit beings, both good and bad, who believe in God. Congratulations, you have as much belief as a demon.” Can you hear his tone here?

Don’t just tell us, show us.

Do it. Do the impossible. Do the biggest thing you’ve ever done before. Turn your life upside down, pick up the dice and roll on Jesus.

Forget everything you’ve ever known and done before, wipe all that out, commit to start brand new from scratch. Lay it all down. He is worth it and you won’t regret it. Ever.

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Having doubts? Reading this and it sounds too extreme? What’s your alternative? Keep doing what you’ve been doing. See if things change. Maybe. Perhaps. One day. Over a long painful time. ~ Sure. Say you have faith. Tell people you’re a Christian. Even try to tell yourself. You can say it all you want, but it won’t be anything but a lifeless dead corpse unless you do something about it.  James speaks the truth.

 sit there

Your thinking faith in God without doing for God is pointless.

But Jenny my life is a hot mess and I don’t know where to start.

Really? How bad is it? Do you live the depths of darkness, and sin is all around you, and everyone does evil and hates God? Are you known for your sin and shame and lifestyle and bad choices and reputation?

Then meet my friend Rahab, the town slut. She figured out something she could do.

Do you not think that God will honor even one tiny step of obedience in Him? Showing faith in Him by doing something?

Well then you don’t know God very well, and I am here to tell you He will. He saved Rahab’s life and rescued her whole family from generations of wicked people living in and serving darkness; because she did one thing that showed she believed God was real and true. Don’t be half the harlot Rahab was; have the faith she had and do something like she did.

She stuck her neck out for God’s cause. She put it all on the table. What she said was, “the Lord your God is God in heaven above and on earth below.” What she did was risk it all.

 So you see that people are made right with God by what they do. They cannot be made right by faith alone.

25 Another example is Rahab. She was a prostitute, but she was made right with God by something she did. She helped those who were spying for God’s people. She welcomed them into her home and helped them escape by a different road.

26 A person’s body that does not have a spirit is dead. It is the same with faith—faith that does nothing is dead! ~ James 2:24-26

Comment & reply. Tell me what you are going to do about this. What are you going to do to show you really do believe God is real and true? Please ask me for help if you don’t know what to do. I want to help you.

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