That’s the book for me

As we settled down to read the Bible, we acknowledged this was a first. Our first time reading the Bible, together, at the same time, in the same place. And just like anything you do for the first time, you figure it out.

“Do you want to read or should I?” “Would you like to read silently or out loud?” “Should we take turns? discuss now or later?” These might be common questions for reading the Bible with someone else. What I discovered was the vast amount of new things I saw when speaking the words aloud to someone else. I was given insights by the questions of another that I had never come upon myself. There were questions, comments and ultimately exploration. New passages of scripture opened up to clarify old passages. The “reading plan” continued far past today’s assignment.

So that’s just it. Read. Yes, just read. Get away, with your Bible, and read it.

Satan of course will not let your reading success be easy. He will provide you a buffet of options to choose from before turning off the world around you and tuning into the Word in front of you. We all know he can whip up a whirlwind of scheduling conflicts or personal ailments, the game, a headache, or even just something insightful on TV instead of the regular ole sitcom trash. The options to put it off will be there; every time.

So decide; decide this time, this year, this is your chance to join a movement of like-minded people committed to reading the Bible. Let’s read the Bible together! Download Harborside App to stay on track. This is the year YOU can read through the Bible; and you won’t do it alone. If not this year, when? When will there be a better year to take this critical step as a follower of Christ? As a Christian who lives their life by what God says in His Word? What better time than now to know what He says in His Word and let it continue to change our lives.

So chuck all that other nonsense, that really does you no good. Hunker down these 21 days of fasting with us and see what God can show you and do in you with His Word.

2016 Reading Plan

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