Praying for a sign.

And I got one. Read my true story of the prayers  I prayed (for my event sign) and listen (actual audio included!) to the miracle I received on Saturday morning, April 2nd, 2016. Come to Priscilla Shirer’s Simulcast and see the miracle sign from 9-4pm this Saturday, April 23rd at Harborside Christian Church!


As a first time project manager of this large scale women’s event, I have had quite a journey watching God come through for me! Though there is much backstory with which I can praise God, I will tell you the events surrounding the 24 hour miracle turn around of this sign.

God provided a way that my event team was able to acquire the right size media graphic the Wednesday of this important week. We placed an urgent phone call to Fast Signs to see if they could turn around our large marketing piece in time for that upcoming Sunday’s registration in the lobby. (4 days and counting…)

The order was placed and the sign would be ready Friday, April 1st! This was a huge praise alone. Priscilla Shirer Live is simulcasting in April and we needed our church family to see the event and begin to sign up that weekend, Sunday April 3rd.

We would need to pick up the sign at their location on 60, so I secured a reliable man with a truck (who also works in our technology department at church.) He agreed to go pick up the sign on Friday, so all is well and everyone is breathing fine.

On Fridays I teach at a nearby school for my second job. I was there all day, and after school hours working on the school play I am directing. I planned to head directly to church as soon as the sign arrived so that I could take the hand off and begin assembling the lobby display.

The day passed as normal. Our reliable man and his truck did get to the Fast Signs store and the sign was not quite yet ready. He headed back to work and planned to return a bit later.

I received the call from Fast Signs that the sign was now ready, and I texted my contact that the sign was good to go. He got the message and was prepared to step away from work as soon as he could. What happened next no one could anticipate. An unexpected internet crash went down in the whole church [insert technical language here I don’t know how to explain the issue] and he was the only man on scene managing the issue.

Around 5:15 I received a text from him asking what time Fast Signs closed and he explained he had been tied up with an ongoing internet crash nightmare. A sense of calm dread poured through me as I confirmed the store closed in 15 minutes and they were also closed on Saturday. He apologized for the unexpected fires and I also apologized for not being more involved in the timing and communicating the stores hours.

I immediately called Fast Signs and left a message. [no answer] I then drove right away to their store, knowing they would be closed when I got there.

“Lord!”, I prayed, “you’ve brought me this far! How can this be!” As I stood at the dark windows of the store. “Lord, there has to be someone nearby. Somebody will come back. Someone can open this door. Someone can help me get my sign out.” I began praying and pacing the front sidewalk. Praying. “Lord, I know someone lives closely here. I know they can come back. I know they can come here and open this door.” I walked around the building. I prayed and waited and believed; for an hour.

I could not give up. I would not give up. I didn’t know how, but I would not face or accept defeat. I called and asked 2 close friends to pray this as well.


What happened next is God’s miracle and gift of my exact prayer.

I woke up Saturday morning to this voicemail left in my phone from 8:00 am:

I could show you the damp space in my carpet from crying on my knees with extended hands praising our loving, faithful, powerful, kind heavenly Father.

I met Lisa at the store and told her everything that had happened. She stood there stunned. She told me she didn’t know why, but she was thinking about the sign last night, Friday, and that she thought maybe I needed it today Saturday. She decided she would call me first thing in the morning from her personal cell phone.

I hugged her and exclaimed that she was my exact prayer answered from God!


Exodus 14:13 says, “Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation He will provide for you today”

Listen to the JOYFM for more praise to God for His wonderful gifts!

“The Lord will fight for you; you must be quiet.”

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