One Week Since REVEAL

It’s been one week since our Reveal retreat weekend – and I don’t know about you but the enemy wanted me to forget, move on, get distracted, return to normal bury it status and slip away from the power of the weekend unscathed.

By His grace I can still feel the power… the moment of pushing through the pain… the release..the relief. And the surrounding of free, joy filled Christian sisters on all sides.
It was such beautiful weekend. I am so glad I shared it with you all who came!

Naturally, I cannot tell you what your next step is into healing and recovery no more than you can tell me mine. But what I can tell you is this:
God loves us enough to not leave us where we are. So no matter *what you do, or decide, or determine your future will be… agree with God that we cannot remain unchanged.

Don’t be unchanged…be unchained!

These days can be the hardest… moving back into life as a different person; dealing with truth outside of yourself. Being the honest, freed person God calls you to be; dropping the mask and the pretense, and making real, true, life-altering change.

Tell someone else. Ask for accountability. Put a celebrate recovery meeting on your calendar just so you have a designated time committed to working on you.* Make that counseling appointment and bravely step toward the amazing life God holds for you!

He has not held out on you; He wants only the best for you; but He cannot clothe you until you come out of hiding.

So where are you? God is calling. He is calling out for His children with whom He once walked and talked freely and without shame. He is calling *you*…out of isolation and to Himself.

“I love you!” He screams.

Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Please let me know anything I can do or pray for.

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