February Challenge: FIRST

God has laid on my heart a challenge for February, to keep Him foremost in everything. 28 days of concentrated effort to acknowledge “God First” before I begin to do anything.

Would you like to join me? The cost is the decision of your will to say YES, God First! And the cost of time – moments of your day you give back to Him as the Holy Spirit prompts and reminds you. It is (not so) fun to see every time we have to make self second!

God First.

Why do I hold up my first finger?

Because I need physical reminders to help me. Holding up my first finger reminds me I am trying to keep Him first. I use it as a moment (“one minute please”) to pause and say, “God You first in this right now.” And then I move forward. I use it like  a “time out” for me, to SHUSH me when I need to quiet my life and bow my heart and mind and will to God first. I also use it as a reminder to point to Him. God is God and I am not. He is number One and I serve and obey Him. I defer to Him, He knows what’s best for me, He also knows more than I do about my present situation.

So, I am going to try, before I begin every new thing I do, to stop, pause, point to God and say, “God first.”

Try it. Your first waking thoughts. The moment you begin preparing food in the kitchen. As you leave the house to travel. As you begin to drive your car. When you enter the store to shop. As you pull up into car line. As you enter your workplace. As you greet your kids in the morning. As you sit down to work at your desk. God first.

See what happens. Take a picture. Share moments. There will be many lessons learned, these next 28 days.

I hope you join me. I would like to be encouraged by you, as I hold myself to this challenge and to all who subscribe here at http://www.stillness.me

See you…after God first.

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