Q&A with Kurt Parker

God recently gave me an opportunity to reach a special niche of students. A group who after stepping off the graduation platform may not be exactly sure where their next step is. A student population who after moving away to college returns home to find unfamiliar territory. This group of 18 to 23 year olds has formed as a community seeking purpose together. I have the privilege of helping grow this community and inviting others like them to join. Listen now to the voices of one of our own…

It’s no secret that many college aged students find themselves questioning what this next season should look like. We recently graduated from high school where parental supervision, a structured academic path and solid friendships were all provided at no extra cost. However, now all those built in guarantees seem to have expired. Now we have to face many decisions that people say will shape the rest of our lives. Let’s be real, it’s slightly terrifying. What happens if we make a wrong decision? How do we know what God’s will is for our lives regarding a career/major? What if our parents don’t support or agree with our decisions? What if we aren’t in college? Can God still use that?

This past tuesday, at the second official meeting of Eighteentwentythree,  Kurt Parker and his wife, Danita, opened up their home for tacos and a Q&A session.    What started out as…

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