What do you reap in your life today?

Go ahead. Step out into the fields of your life…your field of relationships, your emotional garden, your orchard of character… what are you reaping?

“What do you mean?”

I mean, what do you see…today…in your life?

Fields of healthy friends growing unhindered? or fields neglected and tangled with weeds and thorns. Neglected relationships and lives tangled with confusion, division and negativity.

Do you see a delicate beautiful garden, emotions patient and disciplined, tended and cared for? or do you see dry emotionless soil, unable to yield a colorful blossom?

Do you walk through the ripe, low hanging fruit of your character? Sweet and nourishing to those passing by? or is your character withered, lacking nutrients and bitter to those who encouter you?

I mean what is shown there is what was sown there.

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Half the Harlot

Ever get tired of hearing all talk and no action? A friend of yours keeps talking about getting together; keeps saying they want to meet you and catch up. They just keep talking about it. You don’t believe it because it’s not happening.

You don’t believe what people say, you believe what people do.

It’s like crickets. And no one’s moving. Watch Jim Carrey’s reaction to all this talk about ‘fickle times’ in Fun with Dick and Jane.

Do you think God might feel that way? He looks down on a bunch of people who all say they know Him and profess to have faith and believe in Him. But no one is doing anything.

James throws some sarcastic humor at us by basically saying, “Oh great! That’s great. You believe in our One True God. Well that’s just flipping awesome. Continue reading Half the Harlot