God gave me Stillness at the beginning of 2015. After a brief but painfully intense bout with “bursitis,” I began to seek any and all remedies and preventative solutions to avoid this condition in the future.

Additionally I had begun my year with prayer and fasting, in a specific designated hour of quiet, solitude and prayer. While I sought out a gym plan for classes in stretches and warm flow-style balancing and poses on mats, I was also resting still at home every morning.

I began to combine my mental and spiritual attitudes with my physical healing and daily warm ups, so that while I prayed and meditated, I moved into slow stretch positions. Maintaining these poses and balancing through my silent, solitude allowed me to discover a holistic worship experience of “stillness.”

Within weeks I was contacted by a woman at church who had an overbooked yoga class and desperately needed another avenue to offer the folks wanting to attend. I began Wednesday evening “Stillness” in February of 2015 and the practice has grown and branded itself into a beautiful healing and worship hour.

I invite you to any Stillness class coming up, and pray that the quiet times with your Saviour become consistent and critical in your daily life.

Soli deo Gloria.


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