Sinking. And no one knows it.

“You’ve done a “Class A” job, an Oscar-winning performance of hiding your pain,” says Pastor Kurt yesterday. “Everybody sinks but no one has to drown.”

How long can you keep holding your breath?

The Life-Savior is waiting, “Come,” He says. Follow these 3 specific steps to guarantee your rescue.

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Is my phone on? No one is texting me.

What do you do when you feel disconnected?

Suddenly life’s tide has gone out, and you find yourself in an empty space.

No texts in your phone. No friends calling to talk. No plans lined up in your near future. And you wonder why.

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Act or react

Jesus Christ! the man yelled as the bike suddenly passed him.

No, no, it’s just me, Jenny. I recognized his tone as not one of mutual praise to our heavenly Father. I wasn’t trying to startle the man, but apparently he hadn’t heard my bike tires leaf crunching their way up the sidewalk behind him.

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