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Yahweh fights for you! Exodus 14

Jenny’s style is mixed up and outside the box! ‘Fashion Formula’ is Jenny’s quick tips on building fashion and navigating your wardrobe better so you don’t break the bank. Join Jenny and go shopping in your own closet and see what colorful clothing fun you can build together.

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we are building Watermelon lace and denim with boots and hoops!

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5 Things You Can Expect at the Priscilla Shirer Simulcast

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  1. Biblical teaching. Hear a powerful, unique message straight from God’s Word.
  2. Greater understanding. Learn to study the Bible for yourself.
  3. Powerful prayer. Priscilla will lead a time of prayer for your life, church, and community.
  4. Shaking up. Worship along with thousands of women from around the world.
  5. Deeper community. Connect with like‑minded women who are looking to go deeper in Bible study and prayer.



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Dinah: the young girl

Welcome back to our 2nd installment of Dinah’s story from Genesis 34. Go back and “Meet Dinah” if you have not caught her backstory.

Let’s understand a little more about where Dinah was in her stage of life. Genesis 34:1 says she went out to meet “young women.” After she is seen and taken by Shechem, the Bible refers to her as a “young girl.” Perhaps the young reference is only to age, perhaps it is to her innocence in not having known a man, or perhaps it references an age prior to being of “marriageable” age. Regardless, it is clear Dinah is in the early young girl stages of her life, and this incident of rape unfortunately became her legacy in terms of the scriptures. (We do not learn more about most of the end of her life story.)

Our innocence can keep us unaware of the evil around us.

As learn about this man Shechem, we saw his family origin and history. Let’s look closer at his decisions and intentions with Dinah. He did act on impulse, taking what he wanted when he wanted it. He is not a man who practices discipline or patience, or withholds anything good from himself that his eye sees.

Immediate gratification is rarely a good thing.

This is a dangerous habit for any of us. To give in and yield any time we “want” breeds immediate gratification and impulse decisions. God clearly instructs us to take our “minds captive to Jesus Christ” and to “be patient,” “not gratifying the lusts of the flesh.” It’s reasonable to say that Shechem had been in the habit of acting on quick impulse decisions.

Genesis 34:3 says “he became infatuated with Dinah.” Whether that was good news for Dinah or not, she still found herself in a situation in which she had no choice or control. Should the young girl think, “Well, who cares that this man took and raped me, at least he loves me now.” What did this young girl have to compare this experience to? What meaningful experience could she draw from for wisdom and guidance in this new forced relationship?

We remember again, Dinah is not said to have any sisters, and her mother and aunt fought over her father regularly. Dinah found herself presented with a relationship she did not ask for. Does this sound familiar? Dinah’s mother Leah’s wedding story rings with similar tone.

Sexual ambush: from Leah’s deception to Dinah’s assault.

Jacob, Dinah’s father, had seen and fallen in love with Rachel (Dinah’s aunt, Leah’s little sister). After working 7 years for Rachel’s hand in marriage, Jacob was tricked and woke up the morning after his wedding to discover he had been with Leah. We are told more clearly Jacob’s side of the story, so one must wonder what is gong through Leah’s head the whole time.

Leah, the older less attractive sister, had to be married first. As she is sent covered into Jacob’s tent on his wedding night, did she take responsibility in taking advantage of him? Did she think she could earn and hold his love by secretly seducing him and pretending to be someone else? Leah may have had her own reasons, along with her father, and culture’s tradition of eldest married first, but you can’t help but see the snare Leah set for Jacob in this act of sexual trickery. What then went through Leah’s mind when she discovered her own daughter was taken and forced into the marriage plans of Shechem.

One-sided consent: “Give me this husband / wife.”

Genesis 34:4 says, “Get me this girl as a wife,” Shechem told his father Hamor. (Did Leah once say, ‘Get me this man as my husband’?) Shechem had the cart before the horse this time however, having already taken Dinah and forced himself on her. The Bible indicates from rape, he became infatuated, then loved the young girl, spoke tenderly to her and ultimately demanded his request to marry her as his wife.

Before we leave this young girl today, can we assume her circumstances were more tolerable because he loved her? Was she lost in the midst of shattered innocence, confusion, broken trust and ability to survive? What were Dinah’s options now – resist? rebel? run? Or would she have better survival odds if she relaxed, retreated and remained?

Survival during sexual assault: what tools do you have left?

Would she continue to cause the man to rape her forcibly, or could she maintain some dignity and control by bargaining with her conscience and walk the fine line of toleration and cooperation? After resigning to her circumstances, what in her behavior allowed him to speak tenderly to her? (vs 3)

The same tender speaking man a verse later speaks firmly to Hamor – a son telling his father what to do – “get me this girl.” Shechem has demanded his father arrange all of the cultural permissions to publicly declare Dinah as his own. And so the dads are left to speak about this arrangement.

The Bible does not speak of Dinah’s feelings, desires or wishes in the matter any longer. In fact ever since the moment she is taken, the scriptures speak of her only passively, as things happened *to her. She herself does not appear to take any action or steps or speaking out in the remainder of her story. Her name is never again used as the subject of a sentence; she has become the object of the verb.

Don’t let one evil decision delete your voice from speaking victory over evil.

Dinah used to be a young girl who made decisions and had a voice. She went out to see the young women (vs 1). Sadly our young girl Dinah lost her voice and her place as the subject in God’s story for her after this man took what was not his.

In the end, WE WIN. There is victory over evil!

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Meet Dinah: Victim of sexual abuse

Let me tell you the account of a woman who was abused sexually. It is found in Genesis 34. Did this incident of sexual abuse result in silence? Yes it did. But the story doesn’t end there.

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Connectivity Lost.

7.4 billion people in the world, but we have never felt more alone. In a world of online connectivity how can we experience so much disconnection? Why must we connect?

Because whether we like it or not, we all want and need the “ABC’s” – acceptance, belonging and community. Continue reading Connectivity Lost.

That’s the book for me

As we settled down to read the Bible, we acknowledged this was a first. Our first time reading the Bible, together, at the same time, in the same place. And just like anything you do for the first time, you figure it out.

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FAST-track to your best life.

Ever heard “You get what you pay for”? That is a reality and it is true for your spiritual life too.

“Jesus, today I would like the spiritual strength of a person who doesn’t talk to you or review your Words for me but really dwells on the attitudes and opinions of those who don’t believe you exist. What kind of Christian walk can I have at that cost?”

Your investments in your spiritual life and walk pay off. Your walk with Jesus, strong or weak, is a direct result of your time and effort. Just like your physical health reflects the time and effort you put in exercising and eating right.

You will never leave where you are until you decide where you would rather be. ~Kurt Parker

Well, we all want the best life we can have. No one argues that. But how we believe we get it is where we differ. Often we think we know what our ‘best life’ is and we believe we can make it happen ourselves.

Why do we think that? We didn’t make us or even one thing in this world. So why would we think we know how to attain the best life here?

The Maker does. The Maker made us. The Maker made everything. The Maker – makes it happen.

Maybe we should get to know Him better.

Read. Pray. Fast. All three, repeated in the Word, are the staples of a believer’s life who wants to know the Maker’s plan. Read the only true Words we have to stand on in this life; pray by talking to Him as you would a Father or friend; Fast: give up elements of this world you hold too close. Show Him you are serious about getting on the fast track to your best life. Invite the Maker to take you “as is” and make you into more than you could ever be on your own.

If it doesn’t mean something to you, it won’t mean anything to God.

Come join “You in the Making” series launching next week with Harborside Christian Church as we kick off fasting and groups and a commitment to receive His Word this year.

Contact a Leader to join a group today.

Status Check

The small plane hardly seems proportionate to the digital map on the screen. But the line drawn from origin to destination clearly shows the progress of the aircraft’s journey.

The flight status screen viewable during a passenger’s air travel provides all the essential information of the condition of the plane during flight: speed, altitude, miles traveled, time remaining until destination. Checking the status helps to recognize how successful the trip has gone so far and provides an accurate road map for what of the journey still lies ahead.

I just returned from a 10 day mission trip where I traveled in an airplane eleven separate times. Checking on the status of where I had been and where I was going was critical to help me stay on track and moving forward in my journey!

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Did you say “pit toilet”?

Yes. They did. Read on: see if you can find the toilet!

(Always a fun game to play overseas)

Here is a little more information from the missionaries in Papua New Guniea about our upcoming excursion in 2 weeks and counting!

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– What is acceptable for women to sleep in? Continue reading Did you say “pit toilet”?

The Best Way to Start (and End) Your Day

Best way to start your day: face down in prayer. Don’t take one step forward in your day without holding the hand of God. He knows what’s in store for you, so recognize early that you can’t do it alone.

But when you receive the Word, are you just a hearer? Or are you a doer?

I’ve actually been in such a routine mode of daily scripture before that  my motions – even my motives – became mechanical. Using the Holy Bible app on my iPhone, I would just plug the auxiliary cord into the car and let the audio run while I drove to work. But the words just slipped through me like noise. I wasn’t retaining anything because I wasn’t actually plugging in, only my phone was.

You don’t just hear the Word and receive His promises. By grace, you most certainly may. But grace is only given according to the measure of our faith, and our faith is strengthened through our actions. The Word specifically recites:

Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James 1:22-23

It takes practice, patience, a little technique and active concentration. Follow the blueprint given to you, believe in it with your whole heart, receive His promises. Here are some helpful practices:

Plug In 

The evil one will throw darts at you the moment you wake up, if he hasn’t already done so in your sleep. So first-things-first – start your day with a 100% Daily Value injection of the mind-opening and spirit-awakening truth. Open your day with a verse. Either a randomly-selected verse, a sequential verse (if you are reading through the bible), or a verse you’ve tee’d yourself up for the night before. Don’t even roll over in bed until you’ve read that verse.


How does the verse fit contextually within the overall message of the chapter? Are there other, relative instances throughout the Bible? Does it relate to experiences you or someone you know has had in the past, or are currently engaged in? What are you being called to do, or how are you being asked to behave? What is the promise?


Don’t just recite – repeat. Repeat in the shower. Re-read it during your lunch break. Write it on a sticky note and put it in your pocket. Share it with a friend.


Every day is trial run. You are sharpening yourself as a tool for our LORD; you are buffing yourself as a living light for Christ. Every day is an opportunity to practice your faith and to grow in the Word. One day you are going to be called upon to perform; each verse you retain, the moments you apply the Word, and every seed you sow will help you grow in Christ, will leave you better prepared for your future and will equip you to make a Godly difference in the world.


The best way to end the day: facing up, in prayer. Did the verse bring you discernment? Did it bring you courage? Was it exactly what you needed to hear? Did it lead you to another verse that you needed to hear? Did it bring you clarity? Did it open knew doors? How are you a better person at the end of the day, because of the verse, than you were when you woke up? Thank God.

When you are ready, God will find you and will grant His promises. So be ready. Set your mind on things above by reciting and meditating on a single, strengthening promise from God in His Word by plugging into a single verse for each day of the week.

Don’t be afraid to open your mind, heart and hands to a person or situation that God is laying on your heart to pray for! Believe that His Holy Spirit in you is working!

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Mathew 7:24

Now go be doers of the word and not hearers only!