The Grand Trip to the Canyon

Welcome to the documentation of my 2014 Trip to the Grand Canyon with my Momma Maass and my Gigi*. And I am your author for this weekend journey: Butterfly.

*Gigi – a unique special woman whom I prayed for as an older Christian sister and mentor. I adopted her in 2006. She just happens to be Guatemalan. She is Gigi.

October 1st, 2014

Wednesday 10:30pm

Arrival of all three parties to the Temple Terrace Maass residence for a ladies night in. Mom was hurrying to finish up her emails for the prayer chain.

The house temperature was around 80-85 degrees as normal. Thought I intended to provide an exciting viewing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the hour was late and my eyelids were heavy. It was straight to the sack for me.

Who fell asleep first? I did. What my lady friends found to do past midnight I do not know. With a 4am wake up alarm, and a full day of work, who is not exhausted?

However, the evening was eventful with my Gigi furiously rooting through her suitcase frantically searching for one thing.

“Oh no, oh no no no, it cannot be.” Her Guatemalean accent rang through strong in her efforts to recover her Melatonin.

“I will not sleep. How can I sleep without it?!”

I rested my eyes and body on one of the two twin guest beds in the room.

“It will be alright.” I consoled. With hope and prayer that this would be resolved on its own.

“Oh my, oh my, where is it?! I know I packed it right here. Oh no.” Her head shot up from the disheveled items strewn about around the floor next to her suitcase. Cody, the house cat, assisted in digging out a few of her personal effects.

“Oh!” she exclaimed! “It’s right there!”

And sure enough it was; the bottle of Melatonin. Right where she left it next to her bed.

So she wouldn’t miss it. Naturally.

And without another thought, I sighed my last for the day and slipped into the precious 4 hours of sleep.

And so the vacation began.

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